Cups are the element of Water, representing the Divine, merging with Consciousness, which will bring unity between the spaces, body, mind and spirit or it can be a portrayal of separation.

The Sword is Air, representing ignorance, derived from air as inflated, airhead, foolish, ignorance. On the other hand Air also represents knowledge.

Disks or Pentacles representing Earthy things, which can wary from financial gain to greed and destruction.

Wand is portraying Fire, Agni, the Fire of the Sun, representation of higher consciousness, the opening of the third eye. On the other hand, fire can also represent destruction.
Tarot consist of two groups of cards: the twenty-two trumps (Major Arcana ) and the fifty-six suit card. Trump again can be traced back to Sanskrit language, 'trmp' means dialogue with the universe. Major Arcana are pictures that represent life, stages and experiences we all go through. It's meant to be the story of one's journey through life. Minor Arcana cards describes the people, events, feelings and circumstances we encounter on our personal Journey. It represents events that are within the control of the individual and indicate how you do something. Regarding the elements used in Tarot, applies to Gypsy card just the same. What are the elements and what do they mean? Wand representing Fire. Fire in Sanskrit referring to the Sun, the Fire of the Sun, (Agni) also known as Aplu, the base word of Apollo, a gateway to consciousness, higher self, understanding, knowledge.

Regarding the elements in Tarot:
Tarot and Gypsy Cards. Are They so Different?
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Learn how to read Gypsy Cards in different position. Each card is effected in its meaning, depends how far or how close it is to a negative card or to the inquirer card. This book is 106 pages, A4 and 9.7 MB, in pdf and 17.3 MB page flip publication.
Learn how to read Gypsy Cards in different position. Each card is effected in its meaning, depends how far or how close it is to a negative card or to the inquirer card. This book is 106 pages, A4 and 9.7 MB, in pdf and 17.3 MB page flip publication.
The Gypsy Playing Cards have 54 images, drawn on computer for easy printing. The main aim of creating the cards is to combine all the different cards together, which includes playing card, tarot and Gypsy cards. The cards continue on the same principle as the ancients intended to be.
Printing your own cards is a cheaper option to have your own fortune telling cards, then to buy a ready made one. Some cards are not always available or prices changing all the time. Whilst when you have your own pdf cards, you can print them any time for free.
The Gypsy Card comprises of 36 cards, placed in pdf e-book for easy printing. The  Gypsy Tarot Cards are based on similar theme as the Lenoramnd Cards.
38 Charmed Oracle Cards, in pdf format, ready to print in Pdf ebook. The book is 31.6 MB, portraying the Charmed characters. With these cards you can also purchase the Book of Shadows, but you can purchase any of them individually.
Charmed Book of Shadows DNL e-book 595 pages and 95.2MB, in DNL ebook publication, perfect for your desktop. The Book of Shadows DNL e-book allows you to turn the pages just like a real book. With the Charmed Book of Shadows 42 Charmed Cards also included, which you are able to print
Illustration of the electric field surrounding a positive (red) and a negative (blue) charge. It is also explaining creation, non-matter creation of matter.  If a system is static, such that magnetic fields are not time-varying, then by Faraday's law, the electric field is curl-free. In this case, one can define an electric potential. This is analogous to the gravitational potential.

Atoms are made of protons, neutrons and electrons. Protons have a positive charge, neutrons have a neutral charge and they both make up the atom's nucleus. Electrons have a negative charge. They surround the nucleus of the atom.
There are many ways to read the images of Gypsy card, and it become rather confusing. There is a 'traditional' way, which means that's how most people read the card. It doesn't mean however, that it is the right way.
Here we are trying to reveal the meaning of the Gypsy Card, for example the definition of the Visit or Visitor card. The card is read the ancient way, not the traditional way. The ancient method is the Phoenician system, or as you know the Phoenicians today, the Romani or Gypsy praxis reading the cards.
First, it is important to clarify what Phoenix means, from which the name Phoenicians come about. The Phoenicians spoke the Sanskrit language, which should be clear by now if you  landed on the 'index' page. Why the language is so important? Because each letter of Sanskrit carries colour, height, width, depth, breadth, number, weight, and geometrics. Now, that we've cleared the complexity of the language, we can explain the meaning of Phoenix. But still, we have to look at it in relation to the Greek language, since Greek is the language of Prometheus, who stole the 'fire of the Sun' Agni. The Greek language and writing system was taken from the Phoenicians. The Phoenix in Greek is written φhονιξ . To understand these letters, we have to look at them individually, because Phoenician language used hieroglyphics.

ο = 70, micron
ν = 50, The frequency[2] of a wave in physics and other fields; sometimes also spatial frequency; wavenumber. It also represents a neutrino denoted by the Phoenician letter ν is a fermion (an elementary particle with half-integer spin) that interacts only via the weak subatomic force and gravity.

ξ= X=sacrifice, and sAma, meaning fusion, protocol, time, having a common axis, (like the symbol on the Charmed Book of Shadows) three-dimensional linear forms. It also speaks of magnetic and electric fields.

Well, this is the meaning of Phoenix, hence the name Phoenicians. It is Creation, which can be portrayed with magnetic or electric field, the ancient Phoenician knowledge, stolen by Promethus, yet it is only discovered recently, yet this knowledge was stolen about seven thousand years ago. Most knowledge become spells, because the thieves assumed knowledge was magic, and by possessing it, they will control the universe.
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This Illustration of the Sun's magnetic field which looks like a Phoenix and it is the ancient Sun, which holds the secret of life, where we were crated. 

The Sun is now in a dynamic equilibrium - there is gravity on one hand and the fusion process that "fuels" the Sun on the other hand. Gravitation condenses the matter but as atoms (especially hydrogen) are squished together, they fuse into heavier atoms (helium) releasing a lot of energy in the process. This release of energy balances the gravitation. But this will go on only as long as there is enough "fuel". Eventually, all the hydrogen would have been transformed into helium (in about 5 billion years) and the helium will be transformed into carbon, which causes the death of the Sun and the release of carbon dispersed into the universe.
This is what is called the Pheonix effect, from death a new life forms, which is called rebirth, represented with the Eternity sign..  It is the carbon which become life-forms, which includes Earth. Earth was always seen by the Phoenicians (romani people) as being alive, hence the name Eva and Gatra or Gaia. Every life-form made of Carbon, all life-forms are the descendents of the Sun. That is the reason for the Phoenicians calling themselves; THE SON'S OF THE SEVEN SUN.
No, they did not! By this time, most of them were killed, and the rest enslaved.

If you read the story of Carthage, and that the legendary Queen Dido (which means Queen Penis in Sanskrit slang) is regarded as the founder of the city. According to accounts she purchased from a local tribe the amount of land that could be covered by an oxhide. Cutting the skin into strips, she laid out her claim and founded an empire. Well this story is very similar to ancient Greek characteristics. They've practiced for thousands of years how to cheat one another. That was not the Phoenician way. They never had a country, they had settlements. Countries were created by the Gorgons, to create division.

Carthage means New City, which is a reminder of New York, which makes it obvious who settled in Carthage. Not the Phoenicians, but the Spartans. They were well known for emulation of other races. And as today there are many people pretending to be Romani or Gypsy, they are the descendents of the Spartans. They emulating everyone else except themselves. You can recognise a descendent of a Spartan by their morality. They are the vorse peodophiles, thieves and con-men. They didn't change since ancient times. If anything they got worse.
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